Hello there!

I guess the first question is to answer the question Why??  With all the Blog’s avalible, why do we need yet another one?

I guess the simple answer is that I have been providing business solutions using technology for almost 30 years, and, it seems to me,  we (as in the IT industry) seem to be missing something basic.   At some point IT moved from being strategic, to being an obstacle.  From enabling, to disabling the business.

Though we have all talked about being more of a strategic partner with the business, I have seen a growth industry of solutions which main value proposition appears to be allowing  business functions to avoid IT.  Its not so much “Shadow IT” as “IT is in the shadows.”

The purpose of this Blog is to study this movement, and see what we can do about it.  Oh there are solutions, but before we can solve the problem, we need to understand.  Is it IT?  Is it the business?  Where is the disconnect?  Let explore……..