Did COVID-19 break your crisis management plan?

 It wasn’t only your company. Let me help!

think differently

IT and business not just aligned, but fused together


Sure, you want to transform your business, but at what pace?  Evolutionary or Revolutionary?

Unlocking business value

Technology spend without business value is a waste! I can uncage the tiger!

COVID-19 Why Your Company Needs To Transform Now

Technology is only part of the equation, but I can help you survive the crisis.


and more Completed Projects

Not all Virtual CIO’s are the same.  Jay Hawkinson has been unlocking business value for over 35 years.  As a young programmer he was the first person to develop the technology that allowed people to get paint that matched and dispensed in a matter of minutes, and many years later he is still bringing that creativity and know-how to Corporate leaders all over the globe.

  • As a Senior IT leader he has led IT in manufacturing, service, engineering, health care, and education companies.  Jay utilizes technology to further mission-critical business initiatives, drive IT and organizational transformation while supporting multibillion-dollar operations. He offers broad-based business background with experience fueling change through people, processes and technology.
  • Leveraging a strategic approach to resolving business challenges, and maximizing IT value, he has delivered gains in client satisfaction of up to 83%. Utilizing technology and Lean tools to improve efficiencies, companies have seen revenue increases of $20M, while having they’re overall IT spend reduce by 30%.

As your Virtual CIO, he will help you make the same sort of gains.  From assisting with digital transformation, managing large and small projects, making sure IT and the business are fused together, strategic hiring of the right team, implementing ERP, running the technical operation or moving to the cloud, Jay can help you be successful!

In addition to Virtual CIO services, Jay is building his consulting organization Hawksroost Consulting.  If you are interested in our services, or joining our team, please contact us!



Strategy Development

From helping establish a strategic technology roadmap, to working with senior leaders on a comprehensive business strategic deployment, I can help you unlock your company’s potential!


I have led both business and IT transformations at the speed of business, both evolutionary (slower, but less risk) and revolutionary (faster, but risker). Let me make an impact!

Enterprise Architecture

Are you getting what you need from your technology spend?  I have helped several companies gain better value from their investment!

IT Organization/Alignment

Is your IT team just reacting?  Is only the squeaky wheel getting help?  We have helped companies not only align but fuse IT and the business together!

Vendor Management

I love to negotiate and manage vendor relationships!  I have reduced costs and/or improving the value significantly with SFDC, Oracle and SAP (just to name a few). 

Project Execution

PMP Certified, I provide time-tested project management while supporting innovation/experimentation, all with a practical approach to minimize overhead!

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