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Technology spend without business value is a waste! I can uncage the tiger!

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Our Story

Jay Hawkinson has been unlocking business value for over 35 years.  As a young programmer he was the first person to develop the technology that allowed people to get paint that matched and dispensed in a matter of minutes, and many years later he is still bringing that creativity and know-how to Corporate leaders all over the globe.

As a Senior IT leader he worked with hundreds, if not thousands, of consulting houses, and found most expensive and as far as true partners as one could get.  It isn’t that they are bad people, but they focused too much on technology and not on the people and processes.

Hawksroost Consulting has been around for years, and is now looking for like-minded professionals to create a new type of organization.  If you are looking to join something new, contact us today!

If you are a potential client, Hawksroost Consulting is here to be a strategic partner and help you succeed today!      


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Meet Jay Hawkinson

Jay Hawkinson

Jay Hawkinson


A strategic Information Technology Leader who utilizes technology to further mission-critical business initiatives, drive IT and organizational transformation, and support multi billion-dollar operations. I offer a broad-based business background with experience fueling change through people, processes, and technology. I leverage a strategic approach to resolving business challenges, maximizing IT value, and delivering gains in client satisfaction of up to 83%. I utilize technology to improve efficiencies while reducing overall IT spend 25%, and supporting up to $2.4B in revenue.


IT Transformation | Stakeholder Engagement | Project Leadership | Change Management
IT Strategy | Technical Leadership | Technology Platforms | Project Management
IT Solutions | Strategic Partnerships | Cost Reduction | Resource Allocation


Our Services

Strategy Development

We can work with your team to create a strategic plan to meet your business’ goals.  Let us help unlock your company’s potential!

Enterprise Architecture

Are you getting what you need from your technology spend?  We can help you ensure you are getting the business value from your investment!

Vendor Management

Reducing costs and/or improving the value from your vendor relationships is something we are very good at.  Let us work with you to ‘right-size’ the spend!


No matter if it is a digital transformation or other significant changes, we can help determine the pace (evolutionary or revolutionary), get your company prepared, and transform!

IT Organization/Alignment

Is your IT team just reacting?  Is only the squeaky wheel getting help?  We have helped companies not only align but fuse IT and the business together!

Project Execution

Providing time-tested project management and supporting innovation/experimentation, all with a practical approach to minimize overhead!

We Are An Experienced Team 

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